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A Real Miracle

Arnie Miracle graduated from Mission Bay High School in San Diego in the late "70's", knowing college wasn't for him-yet. The Army might be.

He wound up as a flight engineer aboard CH-47 Chinook helicopters.

He also wound up with a taste for alcohol, and it would prove to be the undoing of his military career, and the eventual undoing of his life. After more than seven years on active duty-too much of which was spent in the brig- the Army let him know he should not bother trying to reenlist.

That left him with a wife and family to support by working construction when he could..but the booze interfered with that as well. Eventually, the marriage ended in a haze of DUI's. He pretty much lost everything.

Arnie knew he needed help, and so did a lady friend who took him to the VA. He went through the 28-day program there..but relapsed into booze. He went back to the VA for the 21-day program, and started calling around for places that could take him for the long term.

"I'll be honest", Miracle says. "VVSD was at the bottom of the list..I'd heard that it was like boot camp all over again." But VVSD offered Arnie a spot, and he took the chance. He wasn"t at all sure about it, though.

"I saw those guys and I said, "I don"t want to be like them. "..but I knew I needed help."

Because he had to do jail time for the DUI's, his first try was interrupted. He came back for his second shot at VVSD, and this time, it took. Arnie got it that this is vets helping vets.

"They open their arms to you as family, but you gotta earn it."

All the rehabilitation began to work- Arnie began to work out his problems. Today, he's has housing through the VASH program at the VA.

With help VVSD gave him, he's headed to college for a bachelor's degree. He has his own energy company. His final thoughts?

"VVSD is a world-class program..they're ALL about helping vets..anything they need me for, I'm there."

We believe intensive treatment leads to self-sustaining independence,
the maximizing of human potential and a meaningful, fulfilling life.
Our veterans are worthy of nothing less.