"Leave No One Behind"

Assessment Phase


All veterans participate in a 30-day assessment period that begins immediately upon admission to the Veterans Rehabilitation Center (VRC). If a veteran’s admission urinalysis results are positive, restriction to campus is changed from 30-days to 45-days.

The Assessment Phase is designed to accomplish several goals that gives VVSD a 30-day window to assess the needs of the veteran, and also gives the veteran time to decide if the our rehabilitation program is for them.

During the Assessment phase, veterans are expected to do the following:

  • Attend classes and groups as identified in the Assessment Tracking Sheet
  • Attend weekly meetings with Case Manager
  • Attend 12 step meetings daily
  • Obtain a 12 step sponsor
  • Complete Comprehensive Clinical Assessment with individual therapist intern
  • Complete Addiction Severity Index assessment with case manager
  • Attend weekly house meetings
  • Assigned to specific chores to be completed on a daily basis

During the Assessment Phase, veterans are not permitted to:

  • Have or use a cell phone
  • Leave campus without an escort
  • Work or attend school

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