"Leave No One Behind"

Community Reintegration Phase

The Community Reintegration Phase is the final phase of rehabilitation and is a reintegration phase assisting the veteran in transitioning out of the program and into stable/permanent housing while maintaining long-term sobriety.

During this phase, veterans are expected to:

  • Work full-time
  • When unable to work, secure disability and/or sustainable income
  • Attend outside meetings
  • Weekly contact with sponsor
  • Attend one house meeting per week
  • Maintain savings account with regular deposits
  • Actively search for viable permanent housing
  • Attend weekly therapy (if applicable)

During this last phase, the veteran and their Case Manger begin working on and identifying barriers to the resident obtaining permanent housing.

If stable/permanent housing isn’t a realistic option for the veteran, the Case Manager should then begin working on identifying appropriate housing that will meet the veteran’s needs.

Mission: Veterans Village of San Diego serves America’s veterans in overcoming homelessness and related challenges.