"Leave No One Behind"

Employment Development Phase

The Employment Development Phase is focused on helping veterans move toward increased self-sufficiency with goals of maintaining long-term sobriety, obtaining sustainable income and preparing for independent living. This phase varies in length for each veteran.

During the Employment Development Phase, the veterans are expected to:

  • Enroll and participate in Job Club
  • Engage in active job search and/or vocational training with support of VRC Employment Department
  • When working 32-hours or more, veterans are eligible to enroll in school
  • When unable to work or attend school for disability related reasons, veterans should be connected to volunteering opportunities and/or community service as well as pursuing their disability claims
  • Attend all scheduled classes and groups as indicated by their individualized tracking sheet
  • Attend outside meetings
  • Maintain ongoing contact with 12 step sponsor
  • Attend scheduled case management meetings
  • Attend weekly house meetings (if not employed or enrolled in school)
  • Attend weekly therapy (if applicable)

Once a veteran secures employment and maintains it for at least two pay periods, the Case Manager will indicate that the veteran has entered the Community Reintegration Phase.

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