"Leave No One Behind"

Health & Wellness Program

VVSD’s Health & Wellness Program
n partnership with Team RWB (Red, White & Blue)

“True healing comes by the Nourishing of the MIND the  BODY, and the SOUL.”

Physical exercise is an important element in improving our veterans’ health and quality of life. Exercise has been shown to help the body handle stress better and physically active people may have lower rates of anxiety and depression. Exercise can help our vets build and maintain better psychological health and resilience, and  may improve their mood and attitude.

Our health and wellness program is always in need of donations to help maintain the exercise equipment and assist our veterans in participating in community physical fitness events. There is nothing better than a little sweat to make one feel better and stronger. Our veterans need your help.

Or mail your check to VVSD:
4141 Pacific Highway
San Diego, CA 92110.

Please indicate “Health & Wellness” on your donation.
We are also in need of in-kind donations including but not limited to, work out attire, running shoes, yoga mats, miscellaneous gym equipment, etc.

Contact Claudia Castro by phone at 619-393 -2000 or by e-mail at claudia.castro@vvsd.net to learn more about our Health and Wellness Program.