"Leave No One Behind"

Profiles of Hope and Inspiration

Miracles and personal commitment come together here, providing our veterans opportunities to restore their lives and once again become productive members of society.

These are some of the stories of life and growth we hear from those who have capitalized on the rehabilitation and assistance we provide. Click on a photo to read or view each veteran’s story of hope and inspiration.

Eddie Agosto
“I have my family back. . .”

Joe Reyes
“It takes time. . .”

Arnie Miracle
“I knew I needed help”


Jim Gaston
“Graveyard or Prison Yard”

Arturo Macias
“I was lost, very lost”

Misti Brown
“I love me again.”


Buddy Simmons
“VVSD is a magical place!”

Robert Jors
“VVSD is my family – always will be”