"Leave No One Behind"

Stand Down Successes

In the past quarter century Stand Down has saved thousands of lives. These are just six of the stories of life and growth we hear from those who have capitalized on the rehabilitation and assistance Stand Down provides.

What is a Stand Down Baby? A “Stand Down Baby” is a former homeless veteran who graduates at Stand Down. Through personal commitment and courage the veteran is able to restore their life to once again become a productive member of society. In most cases this requires becoming clean and sober. The term “Baby” is derived from the recovery community where there are two birthdays – the “belly button” birthday and the day they begin recovery. Stand Down Babies start their recovery at Stand Down.

Kenneth Atkins
“I wasn’t going to disappoint her again”

Gary Thomason
“I was standing on the edge. . .”

Vince Gant
“300 pound gorilla off my back”


Jennie Davalos
“Got a ray of hope”

Ben Rodriquez
“I wanted to shoot myself”

“A Fall from Life.”