California Association of Veteran Service Agencies

Roughly 1/3 of the nation's homeless population is
in California

The California Association of Veteran Service Agencies (CAVSA) is a consortium of six nonprofit veteran service providers working together to address the needs of California’s veterans. Members deliver direct services throughout the state – urban and rural communities stretching from Eureka to San Diego.

This annual report contains up-to-date data on challenges that too many veterans face – homelessness, suicide, mental illness, substance abuse disorder, food insecurity, and more. However, the story of this year is not solely about troubles; it is also about progress – the modernization of the behavioral health system through passage of the Behavioral Health Services Act and the Behavioral Health Infrastructure Bond Act; it is about triumph – the life successes of veterans helped by our members and our state and local partners; it is a story about the future – CAVSA’s plan and advocacy agenda for 2024.

The CAVSA Annual Report is now available. Click here to read more.