Veterans Village of San Diego 2024 Stand Down Participant Registration Form

Register NOW for Stand Down 2024 – August 9-11. **All information submitted is confidential and will not be sold/shared.

Stand Down Application

Participant Information


All Participants

If you are not familiar with Homeless Court, and have tickets, warrants, drivers license issues, child support issues, etc. please note that here and see a court advocate at the event. They may be able to assist you in getting these expunged!

Dependents: Spouse (each participating spouse must complete an application)

Dependents: Under 18


Emergency Contact [MANDATORY]
This can be a relative, friend, case manager, etc.

Additional Information

During STAND DOWN, VVSD and its affiliated may take photographs or videos in which your likeness is captures. By participating, you grant these organizations permission to use your likeness in their publications and websites without payment or other consideration.

You further agree to relinquish and rights in these materials, including any right to inspect or approve them before publication and any right to royalties or compensation arising from or related to their use. You also agree that these materials may be altered, copied, distributed, and otherwise used to publicize the community activities or VVSD and its affiliated. You also authorize VVSD to transfer these photographs and videos to any third part to be used for any lawful purpose.

Participant Code of Conduct

All participants at Stand Down are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that ensures a safe and respectful environment for all. All participants are expected to remain civil and considerate in their interactions with volunteers and other Stand Down participants. The use of illegal substances and alcohol is prohibited during the event. Participants are not to bring weapons of any kind to the event and fighting or any act of violence is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. All participants are expected to treat each other and all volunteers with respect and dignity while in attendance at Stand Down. Adherence to this code of conduct will allow for a positive and secure atmosphere for everyone involved.