Supportive Services for Veteran Families Successful Despite Covid-19 Interruptions

Supportive Services for Veteran Families Director, Rose Ortiz and her team of case managers, housing specialist, intake coordinators, and program aide.

Despite a challenging time during the pandemic VVSD’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) has continued to help hundreds of veterans with housing issues. So far this year, SSVF has supported 521 veterans and has moved 170 into permanent housing.

In September, SSVF employees worked diligently to place 30 veterans into housing, an enormous feat amid concerns over the lack of affordable units available in the County.

Housing veterans requires strong community partnerships and a targeted approach to outreach. This was extremely challenging in the face of a global pandemic. The SSVF team participates in many events, including East and North Counties Stand Downs, and VVSD’s 3-day Stand Down event.

SSVF partners with the San Diego Housing Commission to provide on-site support at the Homeless Resource Center twice a week.

Like many others, SSVF staffing took a huge hit during the pandemic. However, within the last 9 months they have doubled their staff, maximized training efforts, and regained traction in providing housing stability support and services to the homeless veteran community. 

“As the number of homeless veterans continues to be an on-going issue in America, VVSD will carry on its mission to provide services and support to our nation’s heroes. Our organization not only helps place veterans into housing, but also offers mental health counseling, substance use treatment, and employment and training services.”

– Veteran’s Village of San Diego’s CEO, Akilah Templeton